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Satcon (SATC) Increases Delivery for Solar Power Grid

Satcon’s PowerGate Plus 500 kW commercial solar photovoltaic inverters will provide 20MW for the European utility, Energy 21. Installations for large-scale plants in the Czech Republic and Slovakia are set to begin in Oct. 2008 and continue through the spring of 2009. The move is part of a new agreement with CE Solar, the project development arm of Energy 21.

“Our goal is to create long-term investment opportunities for our clients by providing clean, reliable energy in a profitable way,” said Energy 21 CEO Gary Mazzotti. “We chose Satcon because we believe they offer the best in class solutions for utility scale distributed power generation that will ultimately increase our return on investment from these systems.”

All 500 kW PowerGate Plus inverters include Satcon’s Edge Maximum Power Point Tracking, allowing utility projects like those by Energy 21 to maximize power production and increase the efficiency of each system. The company also works with stationary fuel cells and wind turbines.

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