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RXi Pharmaceuticals (RXII) Added to the Russell Microcap Index

RXi Pharmaceuticals, a leader in the next generation of RNA targeting technology, announced that it has been added to the Russell Microcap Index as part of Russell Investments’ annual reconstitution of its family of U.S. indexes. Russell indexes are a commonly used tool among investment managers and institutional investors as a benchmark, helping to distinguish passive and active investments.

The Russell indexes capture the 4,000 largest domestic stocks as of the end of May, ranking them by total market capitalization to create the Russell 3000 Index and the Russell Microcap Index. RXi Pharmaceutical’s new membership to the Russell Microcap Index will remain in place for one year until the 4,000 stocks are reevaluated May 31st of the following year. Becoming a member of the index ensures a greater exposure to institutional investors, as well as constant comparison to other industry players.

President and CEO of RXi Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Tod Woolf, said of the announcement, “We are pleased that we have been added to the Russell Microcap Index. We believe that the exposure gained from our listing has the potential to increase our visibility within the investment community.” The Russell Indexes have been a common benchmark for investors since their creation in the 1980’s as a tool to evaluate investment managers.

The entire team at RXi Pharmaceuticals believes it is well positioned to compete successfully in the RNAi market. It has a strong technology platform, broad and early intellectual property position, and a management team that is experienced in commercializing products. The company also has the luxury of having a knowledgeable and accomplished board of scientific advisors, including Dr. Craig Mello, recipient of the 2006 Nobel Prize for his co-discovery of RNAi.

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