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Resonant Inc. (RESN) Set to Disrupt RF Front-End Market

Resonant, based in Santa Barbara, California, is set to overturn one of the key elements of RF (Radio Frequency) technology application. RF filters, used as a front-end in mobile devices to select desired RF signals while rejecting unwanted signals, are currently based upon technology that has changed little over the past century. The current approach to RF transmit filter development is to incrementally improve a fundamental design patented in 1931. Resonant is using a new technology, called Infinite Synthesized Networks (ISN), as a basis for superior RF filter design, addressing previously intractable problems in RF filters.

The recent rapid growth in wireless data, requiring an increase in the number of wireless channels or frequency bands, calls for a new approach to filter design. ISN is a process that starts from the ground up, unconstrained by conventional design limitations, and it is expected to disrupt the RF front-end market by offering the following advantages:

• Significant Cost Reductions
• Reduced Size
• Fewer Components
• Superior Performance

Resonant’s immediate focus is the design of single-band and tunable filters for the RF front-end, designs that have the greatest near-term potential for commercialization of this new technology. The goal of a tunable filter is to replace multiple filters with a single tunable filter, saving both cost and valuable space. Licensing the designs is the most direct and effective means of getting the technology to market, targeting customers that produce part or all of the RF front-end and who sell directly to cell phone and mobile device manufacturers. The company has key advantages representing barriers to potential competitors:

• Large and growing patent portfolio
• Suite of proprietary software design tools
• Highly experienced design team
• Multi-year technology lead

Resonant is a client of MZ Group, the largest investor relations group in the world.

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