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RedChip Featured Company: Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc. (PWRV)

Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc. (PWRV) is a leading technology holding company focused on supporting Hungarian-based research and start-up companies. Power identifies unique technologies and helps transform these ideas into market-ready products and applications.

Up until recently, the countries in central Europe have focused on developing the solid infrastructure needed for a market economy. By 2012, the central European countries will be joining the European Monetary Union and will need to adjust their efforts into expanding their economies.

Power understands the challenges businesses face when attempting to get new ideas and products into the hands of consumers. The company hopes to foster economic growth in Hungary by consolidating idea, seed, and start-up companies under their experienced management team. Power plans on managing all phases of development, including acquiring patents, building new products, developing business plans, and providing marketing and distribution resources.

Why focus on Hungary? Most people don’t realize that developers of the moon rover and creators of binary code, full-length motion pictures, matches, and color television were of Hungarian descent. Power has found that the Hungarian technology sector has an untapped pool of breakthroughs that deserve to be pursued. Power estimates that at least 100 qualified acquisition opportunities can be found in Hungary each year.

Viktor Rozsnyay, CEO of Power of the Dream Ventures, recently stated, “We have access to dozens of similar technologies that can be acquired, patented and made available for licensing. There are five other such products under management already. In the coming years we will incubate a large number of these opportunities in addition to the many larger projects we have under management, such as RiverPower and iGlue for example. I believe these smaller deals can provide a consistent revenue stream while firmly establishing Power of the Dream Ventures as the premier identifier and commercializer of Hungarian technology.”

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