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RedChip Featured Company: GeoPharma, Inc (GORX)

GeoPharma, Inc (GORX) is a leading Bio/Pharma company with a diviersified business model. The company’s business model consists of 3 main market segments: Specialty Pharma, Manufacturing, and Distribution. The Specialty Pharma division specializes in the formulation of generic drugs for human and veterinary usage. The Manufacturing and Distribution divisions manufacture, package, and distribute generic drugs to companies worldwide.

GeoPharma’s Specialty Pharma segment consists of Belcher Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and American Antibiotics, Inc, two wholly owned subsidaries. Belcher Pharmaceuticls is focused on manufacturing generic drugs and Cephalosporins, and American Antibiotics is dedicated to the production of Amoxicillin, Ampicillin, and Penicillin. Recently, GeoPharma announced that the company has also acquired the rights for diagnostic technology that is able to detect ovarian cancer in early stages.

GeoPharma’s Manufacturing segment includes subsidiaries Libi Labs, Inc., Innovative Health Products, Inc. and EZ-Med Technologies, Inc. Libi Labs is focused on cosmeceuticals, while Innovative Health Products handles Geo’s contract manufacturing business. EZ- Med Technologies uses their patented soft-chew technology to manufacture animal nutritional supplements.

Furthermore, GeoPharma’s Distribution segment includes subsidiaries Breakthrough Engineered Nutrition, Inc. and Bob O’Leary Health Food Distributor Co., Inc. [BOSS]. Breakthrough Engineered develops, markets, and distributes GeoPharma’s own branded dietary supplements, and BOSS is a full line leading distributor of Sports Nutrition products, Dietary Supplements, and Performance Beverages.

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