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Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp. (RPTPD) Appoints Seasoned Member to Board of Directors

Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp., a company focused on accelerating the speed of new treatment to patients by improving existing therapeutics, yesterday announced the appointment of Llew Keltner, M.D., Ph.D., to the company’s board of directors.

Dr. Keltner currently serves as CEO and president of Light Sciences Oncology, a privately held biotechnology company focused on late-stage, light-activated therapy for hepatocellular cancer and solid tumors. Dr. Keltner is also the CEO of EPISTAT, an international healthcare technology transfer, corporate risk management and healthcare strategy company he founded in 1972.

Christopher M. Starr, Ph.D., CEO of Raptor, said Dr. Keltner’s more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry and his focus on cancer and genetic analyses will greatly benefit the company and its progress to develop programs to address cancers, genetic diseases and liver disorders, as well as overall company growth.

“Dr. Keltner has also advised health care and financial companies through the challenges of raising capital and obtaining approval of new pharmacologic entities. As a newly NASDAQ-listed company, Raptor is committed to adding talented members to our well-balanced, experienced, board of directors who are and continue to be committed to thoughtfully growing the company in an effort to increase stockholder value,” Starr stated.

Dr. Keltner has undisputable significant experience in the healthcare industry, as a board member and in executive roles. From 1997 to 2004, Dr. Keltner served as CEO of Metastat, a development-stage biotech company focused on control of cancer metastasis; he is a director on the boards of Infostat, Oregon Life Sciences, and Goodwell Technologies; previously served on the boards of directors at Light Sciences Corp., Vital Choice, Thesis Technologies, Oread Companies and MannKind Corp.; and has also been a scientific advisory board member at Lifetime Corp., ASB Meditest, Oread Laboratories, Hall-Kimbrell, and aai Pharma.

Dr. Keltner’s experience will serve him well as he begins collaborating with Raptor to help it reach its goals and execute its growth strategy.

“As a director on Raptor’s board, I look forward to counseling on the design and execution of upcoming clinical trials pertaining to genetic diseases and cancer. I am also pleased to work with the company’s talented management team, which has a successful track record in research, development and commercialization, that I believe will serve as a strong foundation as Raptor approaches its pivotal clinical trial for its lead product candidate, DR Cysteamine,” Dr. Keltner stated.

According to the press release, in addition to his academic and career achievements, Dr. Keltner has written several research publications on various topics, including prenatal diagnosis and effects on parents of a birth defective child; breast and colon tumor markers; clinical due diligence; light activated drug therapy; and the application of laboratory data to improve disease management programs.

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