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Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies, Inc. (QTWW) Is A Business Driver for Hybrid Vehicles

The auto and truck parts industry is supposed to be mature, so why should any investor support a loss making stock from this area? This company is a special case for its industry, and is worthy of investment consideration though it has reported losses for 2006 and 2007.

This company has core strength in hydrogen fuel cells, but it has also invested in stocks of companies with Lithium battery and solar power technologies. The company has therefore taken a vanguard position in alternative energy, with a bias for the strategic and profitable automotive area. It is poised to be have parts of all car and truck battery, train, fuel storage, and control systems.

The company business scope is broad and focused at the same time. It covers engines, transmission systems, controls, power, and accessories for all types of vehicles. The core purpose is to provide cars and trucks with alternative fuel sources. The company has established a strong presence in the segment for high performance and specialty vehicles.

The management has recently been awarded with a prestigious order from the US Army. Company engines and fuel storage systems will be used and tested in harsh combat conditions, and should lay the foundation for an important business with the military establishment.

Overall, this stock gives investors a place in the revolution that is unfolding with respect to alternative fuel and power systems for all types of automobiles. It has superior future growth prospects, and the expertise in embellishing special interest and limited edition vehicles, which adds to its nearer-term revenue potentials as well.

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