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Pressure Biosciences Inc. (PBIO) Technology Presented in American College of Gastroenterology Study

Recently the company’s’ cutting edge Pressure Cycling Technology was featured in a Study conducted by the American College of Gastroenterology. The results were presented at the society’s annual Scientific Meeting.

Scientists conducted the study to identify certain Biomarkers in Colon Cancer. The company’s Pressure Cycling Technology or (PCT) captures the most complete extraction of tissue proteins. This enables exquisite sample preparation for use in research.

As Colon Cancer is a leading cause of death in the United States, the study sought to identify certain Biomarkers that could identify the disease at its earliest stages. Studies have shown that identifying the Disease Biomarkers at the earliest stages allows for the highest cure success rates. The company’s PCT technology is the key to identifying these as it extracts the proteins used in research.

Dr. M. Momeni of the Brooklyn Hospital Center presented the results of the study. Several Scientists compiled data at the Brooklyn Hospital Center and New York University School of Medicine to be presented at the Annual Meeting.

Vice President of R&D for Pressure Biosciences Inc. stated his feelings on the results of the study, “The data presented by Dr. Momeni and her colleagues indicate that an apparent tumor signature protein (hCG1787564) extracted from colon tumor tissue by PCT might be a biomarker that could be of benefit to surgeons treating colon cancer patients. It is gratifying that PCT is beginning to be used by independent scientists in the preparation of their samples for important scientific studies, such as in the case of colon cancer research.”

Pressure Bioscience is an early stage company that focuses on creating and developing innovative technologies, specifically the company’s patented technology, Pressure Cycling, for sample preparation. Its Barocycler NEP3229 uses this technology to process multiple samples within minutes with the ability to customize depending on the sample type needed. They hold 13 US and 4 foreign patents covering many applications of their technology in the life sciences field.

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