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PositiveID Corp. (PSID) Launches “The Wireless Body™” Embedded Bio-Sensor System for Diabetes Applications

PositiveID, – developers of implantable RFID diagnostic/identification technology and disease management tools for the healthcare industry, reported the launch of its The Wireless Body™ system at the ID WORLD International Congress in Milan.

The Wireless Body system was designed to be a fully integrated, smart health communication system for diabetics, allowing for real-time management capabilities, but the system also has tremendous future potential as a management platform for other diseases.

Unprecedented wireless access to the patient’s vitals and data means that The Wireless Body constitutes a new paradigm in disease management systems.

The age of personalized medicine moves ever forward as PSID leverages its vast expertise in developing the world’s first and only FDA-cleared, implantable RFID designed specifically for healthcare applications.

By continuing to develop external healthcare communication devices and parallel technologies, PSID is reinforcing the overall platform. The Wireless Body system is able to detect and identify other medical devices, like catheter ports, safeguarding proper dosages by allowing for seamless communication between the ports and PSID’s products.

Chairman and CEO of PSID, Scott R. Silverman, spoke with excitement about the quantum leap that this technology represents when it comes to solutions for diabetics.

Silverman explained how the ideal diabetes management strategy requires a solution which provides “continuous monitoring” and communications with analytical devices. The Wireless Body system delivers precisely such a solution via an integrated/wireless design that allows for maximum flexibility, ensuring higher rates of patient compliance.

Silverman noted the recent $24M investment by Novartis into Proteus Biomedical associated with their ingestible wireless microchip, hailing it as validation of both the potential of this sector and the vision with which PSID began in the sector over seven years ago.

With plans to fully integrate its wireless portfolio with the patent-pending iglucose™ system, PSID is well-positioned to generate shareholder returns by capitalizing on this sophisticated technology and the massive diabetes market.

Previously, PSID technology supplied vital electronic medical and other wellness data to realize Smart Healthcare designs, leading to more recent breakthroughs in sensor applications featuring the Company’s GlucoChip™, glucose-sensing microchip.

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