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Plastinum Polymer Technologies Corp. (PLNU) Finds the Netherlands on its Side as Revenue Begins to Move

The concept of purely “western” business is taking on differing forms as economic and social issues morph with quickly diverging social/economic issues. Many countries are now indicating their displeasure with the typical economic model and are looking for a blend of social and capital markets that might be able to coexist. If this blend is accomplished correctly, a solid and profitable mix can be found.

Plastinum Polymer Technologies Corp., a development stage company, owns and develops comingled recycled plastic product blending technologies. Although the company’s technology is versatile for a variety of plastic product blendings, the company’s target market revolves around used electronic products in the U.S. and European Union. It currently operates a functioning facility in the Netherlands.

The company’s BLENDYMER ™ technology capitalizes on the vast number of discarded plastic technology products plaguing the world today. One only needs to see various television programs describing Asian landfills loaded with western technology products to understand the environmental and profit opportunity issues that this problem represents. Capitalism has recognized this and has enabled the company to take a position to profit.

Plastinum Polymer Technology has and is finding that revenue from final product composite plastic sales is beginning to move in a positive direction. Further evidence can also be found in the fact that the local provincial government is investing in the company for social environmental reasons and not necessarily economic. From a Western perspective, with current economic conditions, this might not seem a positive idea. From a social perspective, found in the Netherlands, this is a very positive move. Cradle to grave socially responsible programs, in this part of the world, are an everyday occurrence and generally profitable.

With a very ready raw material supply and technology that does appear to be able to support the company’s overall goals of profit and social responsibility, Plastinum Polymer Technology seems to be moving in a positive direction.

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