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Phoenix Technologies Limited (PTEC) Business Set to Soar

The base of this company in Milpitas, CA must have something to do with its pioneering spirit. The stock is listed in the Software & Programming Industry, but the nature of the business has a unique touch. Not all stock investors are computer wizards, but you do not have to be one to appreciate the brilliance of the strategy at work here.

Technical excellence is not unusual in any part of the Technology Sector. However, many stocks suffer because management leaders get lost in technicalities. Some corporations in the software business have been started by engineers and academicians with little empathy for average consumers. This stock is special because it focuses new program development on what people need.

Security, booting times, battery capacities, operating-system differences, wireless communication, and multiple-users are the key issues that limit today’s computers. Each of us faces these limitations every day. The incredible business value of this stock is derived from the fact that new programs developed by the company address these common problems effectively.

The company has built an appreciable revenue base by selling systems to computer manufactures for today’s models. However, it is the potential of new software that sets the company apart. It will make computers more effective, and more convenient to use.

The stock price has been below $11 during August 2008, with a Beta of -0.24. Most of the 28.03 million shares are owned by financial institutions. It is a stock with one of the best mid-term growth potentials, available for trade in today’s market.

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