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Pegasystems Inc. (PEGA) is a Beacon for Modern Business

Automation of business processes has become essential. Even government organizations, apart from corporations, need such software. Some organizations outsource a few of their processes; companies that do the work for them need computer programs as well. Here is a small-capital stock from the Software & Programming Industry of the Technology Sector.

The second trading week of August 2008 has seen the stock price climb to nearly $15 against a 52-week low of $8.73. Institutions own 36% of the stock. The management is in the midst of a stock buy-back move. What makes this stock so desirable?

Firstly, the stock is almost a bond. The management pays dividends quarter after quarter. This is not just because employees own so much of the stock, but because the company has established a stable business record in an environment of volatility. A strong financial position has been crafted on the back of branded software with specific technical differentiators. Client satisfaction is remarkably high, and even competitors will not grudge recognition for the business utilities of this corporation’s intellectual properties.

The company was founded about a quarter of a century ago by a technocrat known for his extraordinary intelligence. Stock investors will rave to know that academic brilliance does not cloud commercial thinking in this company. It is almost exclusively focused on the lucrative US market, and is free of debt.

A second dimension on which investors can rely on this stock is the future of the process automation business. Industry analysts expect demand to grow as the computer invades new fields of human endeavor. Productivity pressures will drive organizations to this company’s offerings like bees to honey.
The Most Recent Quarter has seen a 20% revenue jump. Start your treasure-hunt for this stock now.

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