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Peerless Manufacturing Company (PMFG) Helps Make Business Green

Many mature industries find it hard to deal with new environmental conservation standards. Specialist producers that are new market entrants also value outsourced pollution abatement solutions. Regulatory and social pressures to protect the environment grow by the day. There is therefore no dearth of customers for this small capital corporation from Dallas, TX.

The company has the technological capability to deal with harmful air emissions, as well as with liquid discharges. It can handle everything from design to fabrication and installation. It has a subsidiary in Canada, apart from the Texas base. It serves industrial clients around the world. It has a special reputation for its separation filters for fluids and gases moving through pipelines. The company has a wide client base, and is fully equipped to manage intractable and specialized pollution management issues.

The company has just made a strategic move towards inorganic growth. It has acquired a holding company, which in turn owns a slew of manufacturers of products for the energy sector and chemical companies. This acquisition will enable the company to expand its product range and build the top line without adding to its fixed marketing costs.

Sales have increased by more than 60% during the Most Recent Quarter. Net Earnings have tripled annually during this period. The future outlook is encouraging. The stock price has started the third week close to the 52-week high of $43.90, though the Price to Earnings Ratio continues to be below 21. About 44% of the nearly 8.5 million shares are available for retail trade.

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