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Paulson Capital Corp. (PLCC) is “One to Watch”

Anybody that says they know which way the financial markets are trending in the first quarter of 2008 is likely speculating on many differing factors. Far too many variables are acting on the markets for anybody to be certain of what the future may bring. With this in mind, it is all that many smaller companies can do to keep moving forward, but a great majority are moving forward and with a positive perspective. There are buys available and many are ready to capitalize.

Paulson Capital Corporation, a financial investment concern, works to bring people and companies together for mutual financial gain. The company is primarily involved with retail financial trading transactions and small capitalization companies seeking Initial public or secondary offerings. The company, however, has the investment knowledge and power to operate at all levels of finance.

In a rather stagnant market for initial public offerings, Paulson Capital Corp. has managed to stay somewhat active. During 2007, the company brought 2 IPOs’ one secondary offering to market. This might be said to be no small feat in today’s investment market. The company has instead relied on its retail small cap satellite offices to keep the company moving along at a modest pace. With regional offices throughout the Western United States, the company continues to offer trading services through its proprietary systems. At the beginning of 2008, the company appears to be in a good position to service small capitalization firms and its retail customers.

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