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OTCReporter Featured Company: HearAtLast Holdings, Inc (HRAL) Offers Digital Hearing Aid Products with Plans to Open New Facility

HeartAtLast Holdings, Inc. (HRAL) recently announced the launching of Phonak products throughout Ontario in compliance with ADP guidelines, and will be opening their second free-standing hearing clinic at the Regency Medical Centre in the North York area of Toronto.

The Phonak group is a leader in the hearing health industry, which offers many unique products such as Savia – the first hearing system to incorporate biological capabilities using state of the art digital technology. The company also focuses their efforts on children’s hearing health products and wireless digital technologies.

HearAtLast will be opening their doors to a second free-standing hearing clinic on April 1, 2008. The location of the new clinic will be at the Regency Medical Centre in the North York area of Toronto. Approximately 250 patients visit Regency Medical Centre daily and the new facility is capable of accommodating and treating up to 600 patients daily. The company’s first free-standing facility has been extremely successful. The company recently reported that the clinic generated over $51,509 in gross sales since its opening in January, with an average of $17,170 in sales per week.

HearAtLast offers a novel and distinct approach to hearing tests and the dispensing of the “Next Generation of Hearing Instruments.” By utilizing the latest in clinical testing and offering a variety of brand name, high-quality digital hearing aids, HearAtLast can provide hearing aids at extremely competitive prices. Some of the products the company offers are: Behind-the-ear, Open Fit Behind-the-ear, In-the-ear, and completely-in-the-ear-canal. HearAtLast is conveniently located in select Wal-Marts in Canada.

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