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New Product Development Drives Stoneridge Incorporated (SRI) Business Improvement

The stock has surged to near its 52-week high after 2007 and most recent quarter results were announced. This small capital stock is a dynamic member of the Auto & Truck Parts Industry. DaimlerChrysler, Ford, and General Motors are among its list of industrial clients. The company has carved a niche in the competitive auto parts business, and is known for technological innovation and reliable quality. Institutions own 48% of the stock.

2007 was not a top year for automobiles in North America. This company has come through difficult market conditions with flying colors. It is an example of how effective management can turn business results against the general industry tide. Changes in product mix and lean organization have been two focus areas that have helped the stock do so well in a relatively depressed market.

2007 earnings have risen annually by 15%. Prospects for the future continue to be positive thanks to the following factors:

1. MAN AG is an important customer, and the company has established business infrastructure in India, Brazil, and China. The stock stands to benefit from a depreciated dollar. Volumes will grow since the company has operations and joint ventures in expanding markets around the world.

2. The company has a presence in the agricultural segment of the auto market. Demand prospects are positive in this area.

3. The management has put a restructuring plan into motion. While this could affect results in the short-term, it augurs well for the future of the stock.

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