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New Gold Inc. (NGD) Reports a Remarkable 2009

When a company appears to be hitting all its marks, if not exceeding them, it’s time to take a look. Questions to ask include, why is it doing well and are there hidden warning signs. If it is doing really well, there is likely good reason and opportunity for an investor to profit.

New Gold Inc., an explorer, extractor and processor of gold, silver and other associated base metals, works to exploit the metals primarily in Brazil, Australia and Mexico. The company also controls properties in Canada and Chili.

For the year end 2009, the company was well ahead of projections and expects the same for 2010. Current company extraction cost per oz. of gold is $445, well below accepted norms for the rest of the industry making margins rather astounding.

This is not to suggest that New Gold isn’t having its issues. Foreign currency exchange has hindered potential return as has a rather large good-will payment. From an overall perspective, the company appears to be sitting on some cash and sees little let up in its low cost cold extraction and processing. New Gold may be worth a look.

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