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NetSol Technologies, Inc. (NTWK) Develops User-Centric Highly Customized Applications for a Global Business Market

NetSol Technologies, Inc. is a global leader in developing client-oriented and highly customized e-business software solutions, employing proprietary BestShoring™ practices to ensure that the vast capabilities of the Company’s massive team of software engineers and multi-disciplinary experts are judiciously employed when creating the rigorous, solutions-based environment in which the application is developed.

The design philosophy of NTWK is to utilize highly qualified personnel with expertise in the specific requirements of a given application, so that the output of the Customized Application Development team results in highly evolved and articulately adapted modular solutions which use the Company’s state-of-the-art project management methodology, and n-tier delivery model, to allow the customer to choose between migrating applications, improving existing applications, or engineering completely new solutions.

As we all know, the efficiency of a company depends in large part these days on a highly responsive and tightly integrated IT infrastructure which supports and enables personnel to achieve and maintain optimum efficiency, thus yielding increased overall profitability. NTWK specializes in IT infrastructure design, and can offer clients the kind of real-time, seamless, open-sharing environment that allows for continuous cost-benefit analysis and a competitive edge.

By increasing the efficiency of the network, while streamlining its design and simplifying its structure, improving security, reliability and in general functionality in ways that keep the entire system ready to adapt to prevailing business and technological constraints, NTWK is able to effect a supreme state of command for the client over their IT infrastructure.

The Company’s software assurance is par-excellence and, like other offerings by NTWK, emphasizes a great deal of customization and user-specific tailoring in order to ensure satisfaction and workability. This creates an iron-clad trust between clients and NTWK, as the client can rest soundly in full knowledge that the Company will employ its expert staff and proven analytical framework to ferret out any problems via comprehensive software testing.

Having achieved the coveted CMMI (Capability Maturity Model) Maturity Level 5 status, the Company has demonstrated a commitment to quality which places it among the top 100 worldwide, featuring a full suite of software testing services from configuration and compatibility to functional, web site, regression, installation and localization; performance, load and stress; and test automation and planning, including test and script development, as well as execution.

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