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NetSol Technologies, Inc. (NTWK) Covers All Industries

NetSol Technologies Inc., a global provider of enterprise software solutions and services, has the very significant advantage of serving a broad industrial base, protecting it from the inevitable ups and downs of individual markets. To do this, however, requires the ability to convince diverse customers, with dramatically different needs, that NetSol has what it takes to best serve their unique interests. NetSol has managed to do this by consistently demonstrating a level of technological competency, and an unparalleled dedication to quality, that competitors are simply unable to match.

The company employs a global network of well-integrated resources to support a wide range of products and services advantageous to all industries. But encompassing everything they do is their top-down dedication to the highest ethical and quality standards. In the case of NetSol, this is not just a lot of promotional hype. The company maintains several key ratings and certifications to prove that it means what it says. This includes Software Engineering Institute’s (SEI) CMMI Maturity Level 5, a distinction shared by fewer than 100 companies worldwide, along with ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications. These achievements are the result of processes and products developed to conform to the most rigorous quality standards, resulting in the efficient delivery of solutions that are secure, reliable, properly planned, and meticulously executed.

Since NetSol does not depend upon outsourcing, all of the risks associated with outsourcing are removed. Every member of the integrated team speaks the same language and knows exactly what their role is in the overall plan. These are industrial experts, knowledgeable in the special requirements of particular industries and the technologies that can best be applied. An important part of this approach is the fact that NetSol is technologically unbiased, free to use the products and service components that most accurately fit the need.

Cross-industry practices include:

• Applications Management
• BestShoring™ Business Processes
• Business Intelligence
• Data Warehousing and Disaster Recovery
• Enterprise Asset Management
• Enterprise Resource Planning
• Enterprise Security Management
• Information and Records Management
• Managed Hosting
• Process Improvement
• Project Management
• Risk Analysis and Management
• SAP Applications Solutions
• Staff Augmentation
• Web Services

Overall services include:

• Business Consulting and Process Optimization
• Corporate Education and Training
• IT Management and Administration
• Software Design, Development, and Support
• Systems Design and Integration

And NetSol continues to show its ability to effectively do all of this on a global basis, with offices in London, San Francisco, Sydney, Beijing, Bangkok, and Lahore.

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