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Natus Medical Inc. (BABY) is “One to Watch”

With a stock symbol of BABY, you know where a good portion of Natus Medical Inc.’s focus is at. Natus is a company dedicated to improving health outcomes and patient care in their target markets. They strive to achieve this through innovative screening, diagnostic and treatment solutions.

Natus provides newborn care products, hearing screening systems, hearing diagnostic systems, and jaundice management products. They also provide sleep and neurology diagnostic systems, as well as data management systems to their customers. Natus’s primary customers are hospitals, clinics, laboratories, physicians, nurses, audiologists, and government agencies.

With headquarters in San Carlos, California, Natus markets and sells their products using a direct sales force in the United States. For worldwide marketing and selling, they use distributors in the over 80 countries they sell in. As part of the Medical Appliances and Equipment business sector, Natus Medical Inc. trades on NASDAQ. They have a current market capitalization of $484.69M. The company’s initial public offering was on July 20, 2001.

Natus newborn baby products for the healthcare industry are hearing screening systems and phototherapy devices for the treatment of newborn jaundice. They also market head-cooling products for the treatment of brain injuries in newborns. The company also markets their software systems for managing and tracking health disorders and diseases. The market for these software systems is public health laboratories.

Natus Medical Inc. continues to develop healthcare products to serve their many customers. Their products help in the screening, detection, treatment, monitoring, and tracking of common medical ailments. They hope to continue to innovate so their equipment and systems help improve the quality of life of all who need them.

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