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Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (MIPI) CEO Presents at Healthcare Conference

During the Jefferies 2nd Annual Healthcare Conference in New York, David S. Barlow, the chairman and CEO of Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (MIPI) presented on the fast growing field of molecular medicine. The company specializes in the emerging field of molecular medicine, focusing on utilizing innovations within the identification and targeting of disease at the molecular level to improve healthcare for patients with life-threatening diseases.

Their efforts are solidified around the discovery, development, and commercialization of breakthrough molecular radio-therapeutics and molecular imaging pharmaceuticals, with primary applications in the areas of oncology and cardiology. The company has two lead molecular radio-therapeutic product candidates, Azedra and Onalta, which are currently in the middle of development for detection and treatment of cancer. Zemiva, their lead molecular imaging pharmaceutical product candidate, is also in the initial stages of development for the diagnoses of cardiac ischemia, or insufficient blood flow to the heart.

The company also has numerous pipelines of product candidates as a result of the application of the company’s proprietary platform technologies to new and existing compounds, explained Mr. Barlow, “We are dealing with a very large market opportunity, and also orphan situations where there are currently no alternatives. Our strategy is risk-contained from both a financial and technical standpoint. The risk is also mitigated by the fact that we are dealing with known compounds.

“As part of our commercialization strategy, we expect to build our own sales and marketing team. Fortunately, these are concentrated markets, so we can field an institutional-based sales force. We expect to partner these compounds outside of the U.S. We will wait until later stage data to do this in order to increase the value of any partnership deals. We have also purchased a production facility in Denton, Texas that is capable of satisfying our needs,” Mr. Barlow added.

There are great opportunities for Molecular Insight in the future, and the people at the company are working diligently to make an impact within the area of molecular medicine, “Our management is experienced and well-invested in this company. They have every expectation to build significant and sustainable value. We also have a very strong balance sheet with $147 million in cash and an expected burn rate of $57 million, or less, this year,” stated Mr. Barlow.

He also noted that the company has become the worldwide leader in this area, “We are playing in a very exciting and rapidly emerging area. We are clearly the world’s leader in this area, based upon our technology and expertise. We continue to grow that lead every day. We have a robust pipeline of products, four of which are in the clinical development stage and one will soon join that group. We expect to have performance that exceeds our historical track record. This company is not a typical story and is a very compelling opportunity.”

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