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MDRNA Inc. (MRNA) Sells Manufacturing Operation to Find Focus in Core RNA Research

A company that lacks focus and operates randomly in a market, without proper ability to find customer satisfaction, will find lower profit potential. Companies that can understand their core abilities, and perform up to expectation, will ultimately thrive and profit.

MDRNA Inc., a development stage biotechnology research company, works to find RNAi- related compounds for use in a variety of pre-clinical trial applications. The company has recently sold non-core manufacturing facilities and responsibilities, related to its manufacturing facility, to return to its true research focus and customer supply relationships.

The sale of MDRNA’s manufacturing facility and related responsibilities to Par Pharmaceuticals was very carefully crafted to enable the company to return to its RNAi research activities with fewer financial worries. The company feels that with upfront cash payments, 10%+ profit sharing agreement from the commercial sales of the company’s calcitonin product, and the removal of costs associated with the company’s manufacturing facility, it will be better placed to pursue cutting edge RNAi-compounds.

The cutting edge RNAi compounds the company currently pursues are directed at oncology, metabolic disorders and inflammation. From the company’s perspective, with its integrated delivery platforms under development, it has a solid pipe-line for these and other related areas. Ultimately, the company feels that this approach to its research will lead to a versatile broad based therapeutics platform with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Although it would be naïve to suggest a discussion of RNA, in this space, would be sufficient to fully grasp the subject, a general idea of what RNA actually is may be helpful in a decision about the company’s operational focus and market potential. Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) is a single strand molecule made of several parts. These parts are ribos, a nitrogen base and a phosphate group. RNA is substantially different from DNA in many ways, but primarily because it is a single strand and not a double strand as DNA is most typically represented.

The current understanding comes from knowing that RNA really works through four main functions as it interacts with itself and the DNA. These functions include messenger RNA, transfer RNA, ribosomal RNA and other RNA transcripts. The first three are the most commonly understood and manipulated while the fourth is where the opportunity lies. In recent times RNA transcripts have been found to provide a direct genetic function. This is where the money will be made in coming years, but only for those companies that are focused on a specific area of RNA research. MDRNA Inc. could be well placed as it becomes more focused on its RNA research. If it is, it will find large profits as it develops commercial relationships with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

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