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Mantra Venture Group Ltd. (MVTG) has a Unique Approach to the Alternative Energy Industry

In November of 2007, Mantra Venture Group acquired 100% ownership of an invention for the electro-reduction (“ERC”) of carbon dioxide (“CO2”). MVTG has explored other alternative energy related opportunities, but its main focus is currently on the commercialization and licensing of the ERC technology.

During the ERC process, CO2 is converted from an atmospheric pollutant into usable compounds, including formic acid, a naturally occurring, biodegradable chemical that has numerous commercial and industrial applications. The company also anticipates that the complementary nature of ERC and the electro-oxidation process that drives fuel cells may make it possible to use ERC in a regenerative fuel cell cycle, where CO2 is converted into a fuel that is consumed in the fuel cell.

For 2009, Mantra has created a multi faceted development plan that includes further development and commercial trials of the ERC reactor, an expansion of the company’s management team and the acquisition of additional technologies. The company will also focus on completing its listing application to the TSX Venture Exchange, aiding M Partners in their financing efforts and enhancing its management structure.

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