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Magal Security Systems Ltd. (MAGS) PipeGuard Technology passes 12 for 12 in Product Trials

Magal Security Systems Ltd., an international provider of security, safety and site management solutions and products, today announced it has received official notification from Mexican state-owned petroleum company Pemex regarding Magal’s sub-terrain intrusion detection sensor, PipeGuard [TM].

PipeGuard is a patent detection system used for underground asset protection. The technology is applicable to the protection of pipelines, communication lines, prisons and bank vaults, to thwart terrorism, theft, tunneling attempts and inadvertent third-party damage.

Pemex recently conducted a trial involving actual excavation operations near a buried pipe and was performed manually using shovels or picks. The trial began in March 2011 along a pipe segment of 1,300 meters, which was protected by eight sensors communicating through standard cellular links to the remote command center.

Demonstrating its ability to distinguish between nuisance alarms and real events, the PipeGuard successfully detected 12 excavations out of 12 attempts with no false alarms.

“The PipeGuard system drew the attention of the customer due to its unique capability to proactively alert when excavations are just starting rather than after the pipe has been penetrated, to enable effective and early response,” Yehonathan Ben Hamozeg, senior VP of R&D and Projects of Magal stated in the press release. “We are proud to receive third-party validation of the outstanding performance of the system and hope to leverage the success into commercial projects.”

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