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Macquarie Infrastructure Company’s (MIC) Airport Services Business

Macquarie Infrastructure Company’s airport services business, Atlantic Aviation, generates the majority of the company’s gross profit. The division operates 72 fixed base operations (FBOs) on leased land at 68 airports throughout the United States and one heliport in New York City. This network is recognized as the largest in the industry in the U.S. by number of sites.

Atlantic Aviation primarily serves the corporate and private jet segment of the general aviation industry. The business’s services include terminal operations, refueling, de-icing, aircraft parking and hangarage. Atlantic Aviation is committed to providing the safest and most secure environment for business, commercial and personal aircraft, while delivering the highest quality of service in a warm, friendly and professional manner.

Macquarie Infrastructure’s airport services business growth has been driven by increases in the number of general aviation fixed-wing turbine aircraft in operation and an increase in the number of hours flown by those aircraft. Several factors have fueled the growth in general aviation including: the passage of the General Aviation Revitalization Act in 1994, which significantly reduced the liability facing general aviation aircraft manufacturers; traveler dissatisfaction with the inconvenience of commercial airlines and major airports as a result of security-related delays; and the growth in programs for the fractional ownership of general aviation aircraft.

Although the economic slowdown has caused a reduction in general aviation activity and fuel sales, Macquarie Infrastructure believes the quality of its operations, strong marketing programs and experienced management teams provide a competitive edge in the marketplace. By expanding through acquisitions, the company has been able to serve more travelers at some of the most popular business and recreational general aviation destinations in the U.S.

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