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Life Vantage Corp. (LFVN) Shows What a Solid Marketing Plan Can Do

A good sales person can sell almost anything with the right “pitch” and strategy. Add a little selling power behind that pitch and an American will buy almost anything without really thinking about it. This may seem a bit cynical, but we’re not even talking about pet rocks. A company with a decent product and a strong proven marketing plan is a company to pay attention to if profit is the plan.

Life Vantage Corp., a direct to consumer seller of enzyme vitamin products, works to market vitamin products through home and celebrity methods. The company’s primary product, Protandim, is an “antioxidant booster” that neutralizes free-radicals. Although one might wonder about non-FDA approved products, the fact still remains that this type of business model is effective and profitable.

The types of anti-aging vitamins the company markets are part of a multi-billion per year marketplace that cannot be ignored by any investor interested in capitalizing on the baby-boom generation and the aging of that generation. The company’s business model also has significant historical success with purveyors bringing the product directly to the customer. Talk show host endorsements, on a national scale, may also contribute to the products success and likely product-line extension at some point.

Regardless of product, the company’s marketing strategy appears to be sound and directed toward success. Looking at where and how the company is directing its efforts is also an exercise in success. Events in Provo, Utah, a location statistically and associatively considered one of the more healthy parts of the US, is a solid mark of how the product is being branded. How it moves across the country is another issue, but given a proven marketing method, the possibility of expansion looks solid.

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