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Lawson Software (LWSN) Provides Innovative Analytics Packages for Manufacturers and Distributors Looking to Save Money

Today, Lawson Software announced that it has launched two new analytics applications designed to help companies improve decision-making and find ways to increase profitability. The core offering, Lawson M3 Analytics, focuses on four key business areas: sales, finance, procurement and warehousing/logistics; while M3 Analytics for Manufacturing provides additional manufacturing-specific analysis capabilities.

Commenting on the effect the software has had on his business, Martin Murgatroyd, head of IT for Brunner Mond, stated, “Lawson M3 Analytics offered a fast and affordable way for us to get the business intelligence we need to help us better manage our operations and customer service levels. Lawson understands our specific manufacturing challenges, which means the KPIs and scorecards that matter to us are already there, ready for managers to use to help improve our business.”

He continued, “The Lawson offering delivers what we expected and more, because it is very simple to use and the information is clear and useful. Directors can ask their own questions and see the answers right away. During these tight economic times, this solution has quickly given senior managers a data-driven view of what’s going on in our business.”

“Lawson M3 Analytics can really be thought of as ‘business intelligence made easy’ for manufacturers and distributors – delivering value for our customers in a shorter amount of time,” said Dean Hager, senior vice president of product management for Lawson. “Each of these products is a targeted business intelligence toolkit that manufacturers and distributors can use to help them manage their businesses more strategically and effectively without having to spend a lot to get it.”

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