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La Cortez Energy, Inc. (LCTZ) Reaches Depth on Exploratory Well

La Cortez Energy, Inc. reported that the Mirto-2 exploratory well has reached its total planned measured depth. The exploration well is located in the Maranta block in an onshore area of Colombia.

The Mirto-2 exploratory well is in the Putumayo basin, and recently reached 11,590 feet in depth. The company was targeting several different hydrocarbon bearing zones including the N, U and T sands located in the Villeta formation.

La Cortez Energy, Inc. reported that the well found oil and gas pay in the N and U sands at a depth of 11,235 feet, but no significant oil and gas pay in the T sands area. The company has decided to complete the well and target the U sands initially.

After completion operations are finished on the Mirto-2 exploratory well, La Cortez Energy, Inc. said that the drilling rig would be moved several miles to drill the Agapanto-1 exploration well.

Emerald Energy Plc., the company’s partner in the area, is the operator of the Mirto-2 exploratory well. La Cortez Energy, Inc. has a 20% working interest in the well.

La Cortez Energy, Inc. said that the Mirto-1 well, which was the company’s previous exploratory well in the Putumayo basin, was producing approximately 60 barrels of oil per day. The company’s concession area in the Maranta block totals more than 90,000 acres.

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