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Iteris Inc. (ITI) Awarded $2.27M Contract for Technology Integration from City of Corona

Iteris Inc., a leader in traffic management for the development and application of advanced technologies, today announced it has been awarded a $2.27 million contract from the City of Corona for the integration of the Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) phase 2 Project.

The project is based on the city’s existing phase 1 project, which Iteris completed in 2003. According to the press release, phase 2 will improve transportation management while incorporating additional stakeholders in the Corona region.

Phase 2 will include numerous intelligent transportation systems (ITS) hardware and software components, as well as Iteris’ experience in the market.

“Iteris has been involved with The Project from the early stages of development of the Master Plan, and we are pleased that Corona has decided to move forward with the next phase of the ATMS Project using Iteris’ capabilities,” Abbas Mohaddes, president and CEO of Iteris stated in the press release. “Iteris has extensive experience in deploying ATMS technologies, and we are looking forward to helping the agency deliver congestion relief, improved mobility, and quality of life to area residents and commuters alike.”

The new project comprises more than 17 miles of new fiber optic cable, and 15 miles of existing fiber, which was implemented in the first phase of the project. Iteris will expand operations of signalized intersections and will integrate the City of Norco and County of Riverside’s signalized intersections into the Corona ATMS. In addition, Iteris will design the city’s IP network to support phases 1 and 1, and will provide ITS components and configure IP devices.

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