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Inventergy Global, Inc. (INVT) Leverages Intellectual Property to Build Unique Brand Value

Intellectual property (IP) rights are not intrinsically valuable by themselves. The value is derived from the strategic advantage the owner gains from preventing others from using the information. For value to exist, the individual or organization that possesses the IP is successful in preventing other parties from benefiting from its use. Absent a strategic alignment, the party possessing the IP is in jeopardy of squandering its investment and losing opportunities to gain market and competitive advantages.

It is widely accepted in the IP industry that the most valuable rights are the ones that contribute to creating unique strengths and the competitive advantages that follow. This in turn builds brand equity. The marketable value is in having the brand recognized as the only source of offerings that comes in forms such as desirable aesthetics, unique functionality or improved efficiency.

Five years ago, the technology industry led the charge of IP-intensive property by accounting for over a third of this country’s GDP. With the importance of IP continuing to trend upward as the year’s progress, Inventergy Global, Inc. (NASDAQ: INVT) is working to facilitate a change in market landscape in IP value creation due in no small part to the extensive knowledge and experience of its management team.

Acclaimed for his IP accomplishments at HP, Joe Beyers, Chairman and CEO Inventergy, launched the company for the purposes of aiding company’s in their pursuit of gaining higher levels of value from their inventions. With a win-win monetization model, INVT offers clients flexibility in their licensing efforts with shared revenue and a modest level of risk.

Employing efforts to expedite its licensing operations, Inventergy has announced agreements with several institutional and investors involving the purchase of $2.15 million of common stock. The company has earmarked these investments for working capital needed to support its licensing strategies.

Mr. Beyers commented, “We are extremely pleased by this round of funding that provides us additional resources to pursue the various deals in our current pipeline. This strengthens our ability to move those discussions along.”

Inventergy Global is an intellectual property investment and licensing company. By assisting technology companies with their licensing and patenting processes, it offers a model for IP value creation that provides short term returns and long-term licensing revenue. The company is headquartered in Campbell, California.

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