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Integrated Productivity Support Gives Pegasystems Inc. (PEGA) a Valuable Space in all Business Sectors

How can a software and programming company from Massachusetts compete profitably in a sustainable manner against low-labor cost economies such as India? This stock, which is listed on NASDAQ, has an admirable answer in terms of productivity and integration.

The business support that this company offers is as relevant for corporations on a high growth path, as it is for others which need to consolidate their overheads. The branded software products of the company can be applied to business regardless of nature or countries of operation. The stock therefore has a broad platform from which it can earn revenues.

The management has developed a business model which encompasses all stages from system conception to continuous after-sales support. Industrial and commercial clients of this company can look forward to aligning their processes better with their objectives, being able to simulate multiple scenarios, and to make their operations more cost effective. The company has permanent training bases in England and Australia, apart from its Cambridge base in Massachusetts. It can also respond quickly to support needs of clients in any other part of the world. The company has alliances with specialized technology providers, so it can meet the most exacting information technology needs of its customers.

Investors will be pleased with the financial track record of this stock. The Payout Ratio is more than five times better over the last four quarters than for the Software and Programming sector. The sales growth during the most recent quarter is comparable with competitors, with a superior Gross Margin on a Trailing Twelve Months basis. The company has capital spending over the last five years more than four times higher than achieved by the rest of its sector.

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