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Integrated Device Technology (IDTI) Launches Industry First with Integrated Timing, Thermal Management Solution

Integrated Device Technology Inc., a semiconductor solutions provider, today highlighted its roll-out of the industry’s first integrated timing, thermal sensor and fan control solution targeted at PC mobile platforms, digital video recorders (DVRs), set top boxes (STBs), Network Attached Storage (NAS) and enterprise Ethernet switches and routers.

The company said the technology reduces bill of materials (BOM) and application footprint, saving costs and increasing board space in densely populated enclosures.

“IDT’s new integrated timing and thermal management solution takes a system-level approach to bring value to the application,” Ram Iyer, vice president and general manager of the Computing and Multimedia Division stated in the press release. “We’ve leveraged our timing expertise and combined it with precision analog functions to simplify our customers’ designs, resulting in a space-saving, lower-cost solution that allows our customers to get to market sooner.”

The IDT 9TCS108x devices use a low-power system timing solution integrated with two-channel thermal sensor, and four-wire pulse width modulation (PWM) fan controller on a single chip. Because of its low-power PLL design, battery life is extended in portable applications. The multiple clock outputs of the device can replace on-board crystals to reduce physical size and weight.

The integrated thermal sensor features two channels designed to detect overheating conditions and improve system reliability with precise accuracy. A separate temperature alert function for each channel can be programmed to generate reference data for the fan controller or an alert signal for the system, providing design flexibility for different applications.

In addition, the fan controller allows for direct fan control without requiring a system interrupt or supplementary control circuitry, further simplifying the design. The new family of devices offer a number of output and frequency variants, and also provide additional thermal sensors and other control pins, which allows system designers to choose the device best suited to their application.

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