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inMEDIA Corp. (IMDC) Signs Letter of Intent with Mount Knowledge Holdings

Yesterday, inMEDIA Corporation and Mount Knowledge Holdings, Inc., executed a non-binding Letter of Intent for the development of various co-marketing and/or product bundling opportunities in Asia.

An integrator of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) services and content for major platform and service providers, such as cable, satellite, and Internet providers, inMedia offers a combination of products and services to support IPTV companies. Mount Knowledge Holdings is an educational software development, sales, and training company, offering real-time self-learning products for corporations and individual consumers worldwide. According to the press release, the agreement calls for a variety of marketing, sales, and distribution arrangements to:

• Provide value-added components to each others’ respective products and services
• Maximize existing and new jointly-developed marketing and distribution channels
• Enhance corporate and product branding
• Increase overall revenue potential
• Create stronger company value for their respective shareholders

President and CEO of inMEDIA Corporation, Nick Karnik, commented on the early stage non-binding agreement. “We look forward to integrating Mount Knowledge’s learning software into our devices. The synergies between our products will help make great strides in technology based learning systems. Since InMedia’s tablet possesses forward facing cameras and Skype style video conferencing capabilities, language learners will be provided with a unique opportunity to not only absorb a language’s rule sets but to apply them through direct interaction with native speakers online 24/7.”

Mount Knowledge President and CEO, Daniel Carr, added, “This is a tremendous opportunity for Mount Knowledge to expedite its B2C growth strategy throughout Asia. It offers us an economical way to showcase Mount Knowledge’s learning software products to millions of eager consumers in Asia (China) through a co-marketing relationship with InMedia. We are excited about the prospect of bundling our learning software with InMedia’s world-class media technology products and then launched through their established distribution network.”

For more information on inMEDIA, see the company’s website at

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