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ImmunoGen (IMGN) Announces Presentation of Positive Anti-cancer Therapy Product

ImmunoGen Inc., a developer of anti-cancer products using its Targeted Antibody Payload (TAP) technology, today announced the presentation of positive clinical data for its IMGN388 anti-cancer compound at the 22nc EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics taking place in Berlin, Germany.

IMGN388 is designed to target and kill cells that express its αv integrin target. The company said this antigen is found on various types of solid tumors, including lung, breast and prostate cancers, as well as on vascular cells in the process of forming new blood vessels, a process that needs to occur for any solid tumor to grow.

The company’s study demonstrates that IMGN388 was well-tolerated, and the company organized a poster presentation, entitled “A Phase I Study of IMGN388, an Antibody Drug Conjugate Targeting αv Integrin, in Patients with Solid Tumors” for the symposium.

The presentation explains that findings from IMGN388’s dose-finding phase, which was designed to determine the maximum tolerated dose of the compound when administered once every three weeks, was found to be well tolerated at certain doses.

“IMGN388 was well tolerated at doses at which evidence of anticancer activity was observed,” James O’Leary, MD, vice president and chief medical officer of ImmunoGen stated in the press release. “Based on the tolerability of the compound and its pharmacokinetic profile, our next step will be to evaluate IMGN388 when administered on a more frequent basis.”

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