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ICOP Digital, Inc. (ICOP) Selected by Department of Homeland Security for Project

ICOP Digital Inc. was founded in May 2002 in response for market demand for a digital replacement of legacy analog mobile video systems in law enforcement vehicles. The company today is a leading provider of in-car video and mobile video digital surveillance technology solutions for law enforcement, fire, EMS, military and homeland security markets worldwide.

The company’s solutions help the public and private sectors improve security, reduce losses and mitigate risks through the capture, live streaming and secure management of high-quality video and audio. In addition to its digital video recorders, ICOP provides software tools for storing and managing the recorded files, and a unique product which enables live streaming of real-time video/audio.

ICOP Digital announced today that it is in receipt of an initial order for the ICOP Model 20/20-W in-car video systems from the US Department of Homeland Security. Due to the security nature of the project, the company agreed not to release details of the project until the Department of Homeland Security issues its own press release.

The order will outfit just over 100 vehicles and will include recording of mobile video/audio. Wireless uploading, live streaming video capability and ICOP’s video management software. Dave Owen, the chief executive officer at ICOP, said that the “ease of use and the quality of the recorded video were the deciding factors in the selection of ICOP.”

Mr. Owen went on to say he believes this order is a significant advance for the company. He said, “This is an example of our shift in focus to key accounts and use of our products outside the standard police agency.” With the strong upward move in the company’s stock price yesterday, investors seem to agree. For more information on the company, please visit their website at

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