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Hybrid Dynamics (HBDY) Revves Up for Two-Wheeled Revolution

As the U.S. market continues to face an oil crisis, rising fuel costs, and concerns about global warming, the latest company providing consumers with an alternative in transportation is Hybrid Dynamics Corporation (HBDY). The company plans to change the face of two-wheeled transportation through its scooter division and its premium motorcycle division.

Hybrid Dynamics intends to emphasis superior quality, creative marketing and strategic relationships with leading designers and manufacturers in the field. The company intends to follow two rules: 1) Know your market and 2) Learn from the mistakes of others. At this time, Hybrid Dynamics is one of two independent motorcycle manufacturers whose products are approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Recently, Steven Radt was appointed CEO of Hybrid Dynamics. Radt worked for 10 years at Ducati, which is often referred to as the “Ferrari” of motorcycles. Radt served as director of sales planning and operations for Ducati’s North American subsidiary. Between 2003 and 2007, Ducati’s unit sales increased 120 percent and revenue increased from $60 million to $140 million.

With Radt at the helm, the scooter division and the premium motorcycle division are being molded into two strong brands that promote a lifestyle, which includes apparel and accessories, rather than just a product. The company will build on the talents and synergistic resources of both divisions to accomplish this goal.

The scooter division will focus on designing, developing, and distributing a line of environmentally sound vehicles than can be marketed worldwide. Hybrid Dynamics will emphasize both design and technology into its scooters. The company will offer a hybrid powertrain on a highly stylized scooter design that will appeal to consumers who want something different than what has historically been offered in the scooter market.

The motorcycle division was recently formed through the acquisition of Delaware American Motors (DAM), a high-end custom motorcycle designer and manufacturer. DAM hopes to combine professional racing quality components with comfort, style, and unique design. The first series of motorcycles offered is the Tech Twin American 13C, which is a limited, hand-built series that corresponds to the original 13 U.S. colonies. The second series is the Signature Series, which parallels the 56 signatures on the Declaration of Independence.

As fuel costs continue to climb, consumers continue to look for alternatives. For those consumers who like the wind in their hair, Hybrid Dynamics is able to offer some stylish and powerful options.

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