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Heron Therapeutics, Inc. (HRTX) Addressing Unmet Medical Needs through Continued Development of Leading Drug Candidates

Heron Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: HRTX) is a biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of best-in-class pharmaceutical products that address major unmet medical needs. The company’s leading drug candidate, SUSTOL®, is being developed for the prevention of both acute and delayed chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV), which affects approximately 75 percent of patients undergoing cancer treatment.

SUSTOL improves upon the current treatment options for CINV by utilizing Heron’s proprietary drug delivery platform, Biochronomer®. The company’s groundbreaking delivery technologies allow for sustained levels of drugs in systemic circulation, providing prolonged efficacy in a variety of potential applications. In clinical studies, Heron has demonstrated these benefits, with SUSTOL maintaining therapeutic drug levels for up to five days with a single subcutaneous injection.

In recent months, the company has taken significant steps toward the eventual commercialization of SUSTOL. In May, Heron announced the top-line results from its 900 patient phase III clinical study of the product candidate. According to these results, SUSTOL provided significantly higher rates of complete response than the test’s three-drug standard of care comparator group, demonstrating the overall efficacy and market potential of the candidate.

“[T]he results… further demonstrate the potential for SUSTOL to be the foundation of the new standard-of-care injectable anti-emetic regimen,” Barry D. Quart, chief executive officer of Heron, stated in a news release. “[W]e are planning for the commercial launch of SUSTOL, pending FDA approval.”

In addition to its progress with SUSTOL, Heron has also taken significant steps in the development of its second drug candidate, HTX-011, in recent weeks. Earlier this month, the company announced the initiation of a phase II clinical trial on the candidate for the prevention of post-operative pain. By effectively assisting patients in managing pain with a reduction in the use of opioids, as compared to the current standard of care, HTX-011 could provide Heron with an additional platform to realize continued growth in the future.

“We believe that HTX-011 has the potential to meet our core goal of developing best-in-class medicines with the potential to significantly improve the lives of patients,” continued Quart.

For prospective investors, Heron’s rapid progress toward the commercialization of its two leading drug candidates could provide a platform to realize substantial returns in the years to come.

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