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Helios Bioscience Corp. (HLCS) Moves Toward Commercialization of New Single Gene Sequencing Equipment

It was once said that “all I know is that I know nothing.” In the world of genetic research, this is a fairly appropriate statement. It does, however, say that investigators are working to be able to lessen the statement. The field of genetic research is one so vast that an investor could almost take their pick of ways to profit within the market. Equipment is one such way, and one that may hold a more tangible form of profit.

Helios Bioscience Corp., a life science company, works to develop and market genetic sequencing equipment and associated supplies. Its current applications include Whole Genome Resequencing, Candidate Region Sequencing, drug discovery and genetic diagnosis.

Although the concept of genetics is fairly well understood by the general public, its practical application and required methodologies are not. To understand what is required to make practical use of data discovered by unraveling a genome takes a special mind. Discovering the methods required to discover the data in the first place takes yet another special group of minds. Helios Bioscience has gathered these minds together to develop and test equipment and supplies necessary to unravel the massive amounts of data generally associated with understanding the many genomes under study today.

The company’s primary product is a single gene sequencer called the HeliScope™. The HeliScope investigates and images single molecules of genetic material without amplification. Simply put, the equipment lets researchers put more genetic material together so that it can be lined up (sequenced) and analyzed/reanalyzed more efficiently. Ultimately, when considering the massive amounts of data involved with the process of looking at genetic material, efficiency is a real help in determining genetic issues involved with a particular genetic problem.

As one might suspect, there are several different ways to accomplish the task of looking at and analyzing the genetic material that has been sequenced. The company has developed different options addressing these activities. The company’s product offerings include: an analysis engine, sample loader, control center and associated consumables required to operate the equipment.

From all appearances, the company is in the early stages of commercialization for its HeliScope equipment. A more marketing oriented management structure has been put in place and, as of late December, a private placement is either complete of nearing completion for net proceeds of $17.9 million. Several initial test sites have shown solid results and a global rollout seems to be coming sooner rather than later. To say that the world of genetics is advancing would be a statement of ignorance as so little is understood about the process and its potential. Helios Bioscience, however, is making quick work of advancing the area of study and its commercialization with high hopes.

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