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Helicos BioSciences Corp. (HLCS) Partners with Correlagen Diagnositcs Inc. to Provide Enhanced DNA-Assays

Life science company Helicos BioSciences Corp. focuses on genetic analysis technologies for the diagnostic market. The company today announced the sale of a system and relative collaboration with Correlagen Diagnostics Inc., a leader in genetic testing for disease diagnosis.

Correlagen is a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certified laboratory. The company will purchase and use the Helicos Genetic Analysis System for testing based on resequencing broad panels of genes found to contribute to diseases in the areas of cardiology, endocrinology, neuropsychiatry and immunology, to name a few.

“We are very excited to have Correlagen as both a customer and collaborator, and look forward to working with them as they develop diagnostic tests on the Helicos® Genetic Analysis Platform” Ron Lowy, CEO of Helicos statd in the press release. “This relationship demonstrates our commercial progress in both the research market and in diagnostics.”

The Helicos Genetic Analysis System is the only commercially available single molecule sequencing technology. According to the company, the system allows for genetic analysis without DNA ligation or amplification. The system requires a small amount of material and sample preparation, thereby eliminating costs and errors associated with DNA amplification.

Helicos and Correlagen will work together to optimize sample preparation methodologies, data analysis and visualization technologies, as well as clinical reporting. David Margulies, president and CEO of Correlagen, said that utilizing Helicos’ system will enable the companies to generate unique assays.

“We believe that the Helicos System will allow us to provide DNA-based clinical assays of unprecedented value for the diagnosis of genetic disorders” Margulies stated. “Helicos was the obvious choice for the CLIA-certified genetic diagnostics arena given the unique characteristics of this single-molecule sequencing platform. Our assays will have unmatched breadth, precision, and clinical utility.”

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