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GeoResources Inc. (GEOI) May Protect Your Portfolio from Runaway Crude Oil Prices

The domestic Oil & Gas Operations Industry is both a profitable part of the energy sector, and important to national energy security and integrity as well. World crude oil prices are not only spinning out of control, but are also heavily influenced by adversarial countries.

Here is a company from Houston, TX that is exactly half a century old. It has used this period to steadily build a chain of energy assets along the Gulf Coast, in the Rocky Mountains and within the Williston Basin. A year ago, it merged to become a part of a larger group. This move has given it access to new and valuable natural gas resources. Most of the nearly 15 million shares remain available for retail investors. The stock represents exceptional strategic value in the current scenario of world energy shortages and the politics of energy supply.

This corporation is a small capital member of the Oil & Gas Operations Industry. The May 2008 market capitalization is less than $300 million. However, it is set a scorching pace for NASDAQ. Sales have jumped annually by more than four times during the Most Recent Quarter. This is not a sudden move, but part of an accelerating trend: the five year sales growth exceeds 50%, while business has more than doubled on a Trailing Twelve Months basis.

Profitability for investors has kept pace with business growth. Earnings per Share have an impressive five-year growth rate of almost 60%, while this financial parameter has more than doubled during the Most Recent Quarter compared to the same period a year ago.

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