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Fuel Tech Inc. (FTEK) Has Twin Business Benefits for Clients

Stock investors can look forward to superior investment gains when Green Business meets the Miscellaneous Capital Goods Industry. These two economic drivers are conventionally in opposition to one another, but there are profits to be had when industrial equipment works to better environmental conservation standards.

This company’s products deliver two key benefits. They enable industrial sites to use boilers more efficiently, and allow them to manage pollutants. The business of this company can be superimposed on the financial and social imperatives of corporations and governments as well.

The stock presents a pleasing blend of short term prospects and long term stability. The company has a world-wide marketing infrastructure. This means that it can grow in emerging economies even as it leverages shares in mature markets. Capital Spending growth has been 48.66 over the past five years, while the industry has achieved only 14.07 during this period. However, the Most Recent Quarter has ended with a Total Debt to Equity ratio of just 0.03. This long term versatility comes with an attractive margin record: the company has earned an average Net Profit margin over the past five years of 8.86 against 6.59 for the industry: the Capital Goods Sector has managed only 5.85.

The company services electric utilities, including units that use coal to produce power. Its products are also highly relevant for other polluting industries such as pulp and paper. Investors can look forward to sound prospects for this stock.

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