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EquityFeed Trading Platform Receives High Marks from Users

Your success as a profitable trader revolves around three primary factors: opportunities, timing and information. Designed with these factors in mind, EquityFeed’s real-time trader workstation helps traders rapidly weed through options based on up-to-the-minute and fully customized results.

Pattern recognition technology allows traders to cut through the noise of the market for a more focused approach. Subscribers can set-up filters and organize alerts according to a variety of preferences such as exchange, price, volume or other key technical variants. The result is a superior level of opportunity that revolutionizes the way traders monitor the market.

Don’t just take it from us; check out some of the testimonials on the EquityFeed site:

“I only trade penny stocks and there is no better Level 2 quote screen for OTC and Pinks than EquityFeed. Period. The activity log is like watching a play by play in plain English and has been a huge factor in me interpreting the Level 2 action.” – Craig Anderson

I really love that in addition to watching the live quotes for my personal stocks I also see any news or material events on those stocks in plain sight.” – Mary Hilden

“Equityfeed is all about productivity for me and these personal alerts make sure I’m notified whenever a particular stock I own or want to own has an important event.” – Joan Crawford

“When it’s time to zero in on a particular stock trade… efficient decision-making is extremely important to me. Chart Montage gives me the 360 degree view I need on any stock to make quick, accurate and confident decisions during pre trade and post trade.” – Richard Krantz

These are just a few of many customer reviews. Of course, there’s no better review than first-hand experience. To try it out yourself, visit and sign up for a 14-day trial.

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