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Entrée Gold Inc. (AMEX:EGI) – Strategic Resource Exploration at its Finest

Entrée Gold Inc. (EGI) is an American mining and exploration company with active copper and gold interests in both the United States and Mongolia. Of the company’s 179,000 hectares (or roughly 4.5 million acres) of prime mining property, 40,000 have been thoroughly explored and shown to be extremely promising.

The land is part of a joint venture between EGI and Ivanhoe Mines, Ltd., and is known as the Oyu Tolgoi development project located in Southern Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. The resources contained in this stake are estimated to be more than four billion pounds of copper, and over two million ounces of gold. On an added note, Ivanhoe is a world mining leader, and has been associated with other multi-billion dollar superpowers such as Rio Tinto in the past. Both Rio Tinto and Ivanhoe own roughly fifteen percent of Entrée Gold, Inc. Partnership with these companies all but ensures EGI’s potential for future success.

There is also the remaining 139,000 hectares of unexplored property immediately adjacent to the Oyu Tolgoi claim that are currently under EGI’s control. As if the prospect alone wasn’t enough to generate significant interest, Entrée Gold is a debt-free corporation with more than $63 million in cash assets, and a market-cap of just $185 million.

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