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Enterprise Oilfield Group Inc. (TSX: E) has Assembled a Knowledgeable Board of Advisors

Enterprise Oilfield Group receives advice from a Board of Advisors comprised of experienced individuals with expansive knowledge within the oil and gas industry. Strong leadership and wise guidance are two of the most important pillars of any business and Enterprise has done well to recognize and respond to that.

Douglas Watt, Projects Manager of A.G. Grant Construction, has spent more than 35 years of his career in the pipeline construction industry. Holding a variety of positions, Mr. Watt has been employed by several major pipeline construction companies such as Banister, Marine, Majestic, and Bechtel. Mr. Watt was previously the Superintendent of Veba Oil Operations and Mobil Oil in their respective Pipeline and Terminal Maintenance Operations. Doug Watt currently holds the position of Operations Manager and is instrumental in the communications between Enterprise and its operating subsidiaries.

James R. Chorney, an independent director, has been involved in the Canadian pipeline construction industry for 35 years where his experience has focused on managing major, large diameter, pipeline projects. He brings an extensive network of contacts and expertise in the procurement of equipment to the company. Currently, Jim is president of P.I.P.E. and Construction Ltd., a small construction company specializing in pipeline river crossings, utilizing equipment he has designed and manufactured.

Trevor King, General Manager of Trevor King Oilfield Services, established his own company where he gained invaluable knowledge of all facets of owning and operating a successful oilfield construction company. As an advisor to Enterprise, Trevor’s expertise in construction of pipelines and facilities and operating heavy equipment is invaluable in making operational decisions that support the long-term growth of the company.

Kurt Fletcher’s, Projects Manager of Trevor King Oilfield Services, background serving as a superintendent for pipeline and facility construction combined with his expertise as a Journeyman “B” Pressure Welder makes him a definite asset to Enterprise. In addition, Kurt has a wealth of hands-on field experience with pipeline installation and construction of oil batteries and gas compressors across Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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