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Dynavax Technologies Corp. (DVAX) is “One to Watch”

Dynavax Technologies Corp. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company committed to discovering and developing novel products to prevent and treat infectious diseases. They discover and develop a pipeline of Toll-like Receptor (TLR) product candidates. The Company’s clinical-stage product candidates include Phase 3 HEPLISAV ™ Hepatitis B Vaccine, Phase 1 Hepatitis C Therapy, and Phase 1 Hepatitis B Therapy. Dynavax Technologies Corporation trades on the NASDAQ Capital Market.

The Company’s lead product candidate HEPLISAV™ is a Phase 3 investigational adult hepatitis B vaccine designed to provide more rapid and increased protection with fewer doses than current licensed vaccines. Their global strategy is to develop HEPLISAV for populations that are less responsive to current licensed vaccines. This includes adults over 40 years of age, individuals with chronic kidney disease, and others.

The Company’s product candidates also include Universal Flu vaccine, a preclinical vaccine under a supply and option agreement with Novartis; AZD1419, a preclinical asthma therapy partnered with AstraZeneca AB; and DV1079, a preclinical autoimmune and inflammatory disease therapy partnered with GlaxoSmithKline. In addition, the Company’s European subsidiary, Rhein Biotech, manufactures hepatitis B surface antigen for HEPLISAV. Rhein Biotech also provides integrated product development services to enable their partners to bring products to market.

In January 2010, Dynavax Technologies Corporation completed the acquisition of Symphony Dynamo Inc. (SDI) from Symphony Dynamo Holdings LLC. Because of the acquisition, SDI became a wholly owned subsidiary of Dynavax Technologies.

Yesterday, Dynavax Technologies Corp. reported that their experimental treatment for chronic hepatitis C infection was safe and induced anti-viral activity in patients in an early-stage trial. The Company is currently in early talks with potential marketing partners who can help them develop the drug. The Company’s hepatitis C therapy, SD-101, is designed to be used in combination with oral antivirals, including standard-of-care and emerging therapies, to stop replication of hepatitis C virus and induce a long-lasting immune response.

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