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Dutton Associates Featured Company: Logility, Inc. (LGTY)

Logility, Inc. (NASDAQ: LGTY) is a leading provider of collaborative supply chain planning solutions that assist small, medium, large, and Fortune 1000 companies to fulfill their bottom-line results in record time. Logility helps companies in distribution-intensive industries use sophisticated solutions to optimize their supply chains. By utilizing insights gained from hundreds of customer implementations, the company has created award-winning supply chain solutions that are designed to provide innovative demand management, synchronized production, streamlined warehousing, and improved transportation management.

The Logility Voyager Solutions suite of products features performance monitoring capabilities in a single, Internet-based framework. Companies can track, alert, measure and resolve supply chain events both within their own companies and throughout the extended value chain through the Internet. The Logility Voyager Solutions software is modular and scalable, which allows customers to meet the management needs of global organizations involving a number of products with a complex manufacturing or distribution network. Voyager Sales and Operations Planning enables companies to streamline and accelerate synchronizing supply and demand across global operations by tracking key performance indicators, measuring and comparing multiple business plans, and automating data gathering and reporting.

Demand Management, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Logility, which develops, distributes and supports supply chain planning systems marketed under the Demand Solutions brand. By having already established a distribution network in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific and the United States, Demand Solutions sales and operations planning system addresses the supply chain needs of small and medium sized enterprises. The Demand Solution Stores product enables store-level forecast and replenishment modeling for retailers in the hard lines and apparel industries. The solutions assist retailers with an automated system that will help plan, source, schedule, produce, store, transport, and trace supply chain activities in industries with intense distribution supply networks.

Logility is a pioneer of collaborative technology. The company introduced their first, Internet-based solution to the market in 1996. Since that time, they have grown their customer base to over 1,250 customers and continued to enhance technology that enables supply chain effectiveness.

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