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Descartes Systems Group (DSGX) Joins Prestigious Network

Descartes is a Canadian company that enables organizations with logistics-intensive businesses to save money by improving the productivity and performance of their operations. Descartes took a major step towards enhancing their future when they joined the SAP’s industry value network for travel and logistics services.

The SAP industry value network is a major coup for the young company because it works closely with independent technology vendors, system integrators and customers to identify purpose solutions for priority industry needs and creates opportunities for such companies.

Leading the way at Descartes is their CEO Art Mesher. A renowned name in the industry, Mesher joined Descartes where he led the creation of the first on-demand logistics network that provides application and communication capabilities for all three major modes of transportation: truck, air and ocean. Of recent note, Mesher was selected as the 2008 Council of Supply Chain Management Professional’s (CSCMP) 2008 Distinguished Service Award recipient. The CSCMP Distinguished Service Award is presented annually to an individual who has made significant contributions to the art and science of supply chain and logistics management. This award is considered by supply chain management professionals throughout the world as the highest honor bestowed upon an individual.

When asked about joining the SAP industry value network, Mesher was quoted as saying, SAP’s IVN is a community-based approach to solving complicated logistics problems for customers. Our membership is a natural extension of our Global Logistics Network and ‘United-by-Design’ program, which is geared to creating a global ecosystem of logistics-intensive organizations working together to standardize and automate business processes and manage resources in motion. Our customers want collaboration and integration among their technology providers to accelerate the results they achieve. Our customers have formed Descartes SAP working groups as a catalyst to this integration, and we have joined the SAP IVN program as part of our support for what our customers want to achieve.”

The Descartes ‘United by Design’ program interconnects over 20,000 parties in more than 130 countries and enables transportation providers to exchange information to drive delivery performance and high levels of customer satisfaction. This program displays the innovations at Descartes and is a strong indicator that this company has a stellar future ahead.

Currently, Descartes is trading in the $5.75 range and has continually generated positive news. With joining the SAP industry value network and the ‘United By Design’ program in place, Descartes Systems Group is a company on the rise.

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