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Converted Organics, Inc. (COIN) Commences Waste Processing at New Facility

Boston, Mass. based Converted Organics, Inc. is turning trash into cash at its new processing facility in Woodbridge, New Jersey. The company just announced the receipt of the first food-waste shipment for conversion to high-grade organic fertilizer.

Waste management firm Russell Reid of Keasbey, New Jersey delivered the 70-ton load on Tuesday (July 1st), marking the first batch of liquid food waste to enter Converted Organics’ high-temperature liquid composting system. The two companies have a standing agreement regarding the processing and conversion of waste obtained from Russell Reid’s food service customers.

“We have begun processing our first shipment of 15,000 gallons of liquid food waste (approximately 70 tons), and are very pleased that its conversion into high-quality organic fertilizer via our High Temperature Liquid Composting (HTLC) system is proceeding as efficiently and effectively as expected,” stated Edward Gildea, president of Converted Organics. “Our team of experts in Woodbridge expects similar success with all subsequent deliveries.”

The shipment will be converted to both solid pellet and liquid concentrate forms of fertilizer. Field testing has shown farmer’s crops increased between eleven and sixteen percent in value after applying Converted Organics product. With this being just the first shipment, one can imagine that more news will be forthcoming from Converted Organics.

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