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Continental Stock Transfer & Trust’s Unparalleled Reputation earns its Clients Business Every Day

Stock transfer agents have evolved over the years in terms of what they can do for their corporate clients – and even how they characterize the services they offer. Proof of these changes can be seen in what the market’s leading transfer agents reference as their key “deliverables” to their clients.

The work of a transfer agency is its service, and quality service begins and ends with people. People provide the energy behind a company’s stock being delivered on time, its records being managed accurately, and its shareholders’ votes being counted. People are the face of your company to your investors and people are what makes your transfer agent an asset or a burden to your business.

Quality service and motivated people working in unison toward a common goal aid in growing a company’s business which subsequently leads to serving the best interest of shareholders. Put in other terms, it is essential, that a company is not treated like a number or an account.

Continental Stock Transfer and Trust is an independent, privately held, family-owned corporation. Established in 1964, the company is committed to partnering with its clients today and well into the future. With a staff of experienced and tenured professionals, Continental views this as the foundation that allows it to respond quickly to its clients’ shareholders. The company both designs and executes with impeccable professionalism on a variety of services that are ultimately the best fit for each client.

These traits are what make Continental a significant presence in the stock transfer industry. The company characterizes its commitment in terms of never settling for ‘business as usual.’ From this commitment comes the company’s motto: ‘Power of stability.’ ‘Spirit of agility.’

Continental dedicates itself to companies with 50,000 shareholders or fewer and currently supports more than 1,100 public issues. Combined, this totals more than 2.5 million shareholders of record all over the country. Despite its rank as fourth largest agent in the United States, the company endeavors to serve its clients and their shareholders in ways company’s much larger cannot – with personal attention from senior staff, flexible offerings, innovative technology, exceptional execution and an value unparalleled in the industry.

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