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Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company Points the Way to a Successful Annual Meeting

One of the many services provided by New York based Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company, the only major transfer agent specializing in smaller to midsize emerging and growth companies, is the comprehensive support of annual meetings. A successful annual meeting involves the proper carrying out of many different tasks, a number of which are required and regulated by state and federal law.

Continental’s experts stay on top of these constantly evolving rules and regulations, including U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requirements, to ensure correct procedures throughout the annual meeting process. Continental’s dedicated annual meeting and proxy specialists work in conjunction with client account administrators for a successful outcome.

Annual meeting services include:

• Proxy card and material design consultation
• Broker search services
• Interface with the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), beneficial share proxy vendor, plan administrators and intermediaries
• Traditional and Notice-&-Access material distribution (including stratified mailings and householding)
• Online document conversion and Web hosting services
• Web hosting of proxy and annual meeting material for all constituents
• iPad®/tablet-friendly online documents with industry-leading features, including tiles
• Telephone and Internet voting platforms
• Proxy tabulation with daily online voting
• Key management reports, such as voted and unvoted lists, that help to calibrate strategy
• Material storage and fulfillment
• EDGAR and XBRL services
• Inspector of Election
• Invoice verification and processing
• Tabulation of shares voted by proxy online, by telephone or through beneficial proxy vendor

To get started, Continental provides an Annual Meeting Guide, an invaluable resource that offers important information regarding such things as the latest regulatory changes, meeting checklist and time line, sample documents, and a step-by-step description of everything a successful annual meeting requires.

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